Sports & Recreational Fencing in Syracuse

When you want complete control of who goes where on your sporting properties, no company has more experience and control options than Atlas Fence. Every application is custom-designed for your unique space. When you need sports or recreational fencing in Syracuse for your pool or tennis court, or you need a backstop, contact Atlas Fence.

Tennis Court

10' high black vinyl tennis court. Windscreen can be added for privacy.

Stadium Fencing

Fence to protect spectators on stairs or landing can be incorporated into any bleacher set up.

Galvanized Backstop

Varying heights are customized for any softball or baseball field. A canopy can be added to provide additional fly ball protection.

Dog Park Fence

Dog park fences can be constructed in varying heights and secure gate portals can be added to protect against dog escapes while entering or exiting a dog park with your dog.

Batting Cage

A nice add-on to any softball or baseball field.


This backstop from our Syracuse fencing company is shown with a canopy for added protection.